Which API should I use?

  • Use v20 REST API only if you have a v20 account
  • Use v1 REST API if your account id contains only digits (ie. 2534253) as it is a legacy account

Release Notes

Version Date Compatibility Changes Details
3.0.14 January 16, 2017 Changed v20-python entity str representation to use yaml
3.0.13 December 08, 2016 Fixed v20-python string-to-float regression
First OpenAPI specification release
3.0.12 December 07, 2016 v20-python fixed bug when parsing an Instrument from ctx.acccount.instruments() request
v20-python intercept requests.exceptions.ChunkedEncodingError when a stream is interrupted
prepping for first openapi specification release
3.0.11 November 17, 2016 stop using custom Boolean definition
publish Header specifications for responses
fixed the MarginCallExtenTransaction description
added missing ORDER_CANCEL_REJECT to appropriate enums
fixed some candlestick documentation
added delayed trade closure transaction type
added response Headers to documentation
3.0.10 November 16, 2016 v20-python accepts floats for numeric values, and will convert them to their string representation before sending them over the wire
v20-python automatically decodes string-encoded floats into native python floats. This behaviour can be disabled/enabled through the Context
v20-python Context initialiser sets default values port=443, ssl=True
v20-python Context initialiser allows configuration of token, string to float conversion, stream_chunk_size, stream_timeout, datetime_format and poll_timeout
v20-python poll_timeout default changed from 10 to 2
3.0.9 November 09, 2016 v20-python uses ujson instead of json for improved performance
v20-python wrapped some requests exceptions with v20 exceptions
v20-python library change v20 class definitions to explicitly declare properties (with comments) instead of using the property metadata attached to each class
v20-python library isolate property metadata in a single file
v20-python object instantiation from dict simplified and cleaned up
more v20-python library documentation
3.0.8 November 08, 2016 v20-python supports setting timeouts for polling and streaming requests
3.0.7 November 02, 2016 Stream chunk size if now configurable in each context and defaults to 512 bytes
3.0.6 October 31, 2016 Added time format support to v20 python bindings
Extended Transaction filtering to support Transaction Types
Factored all common HTTP error responses out of API
3.0.5 October 26, 2016 Added v20 python aliases for creation and replacement of orders
3.0.4 October 17, 2016 Added instrument endpoints with support for Candles.
3.0.3 August 25, 2016 Added support for Pricing and Transaction streaming endpoints.
Deprecated “includeUnitsAvailable” for REST pricing endpoint.
Deprecated “quoteHomeConversionFactors” and “unitsAvailable” for the Price object.
3.0.2 August 02, 2016 Added support for Python 3.5
3.0.1 June 09, 2016 Added TransactRejectReason enum
3.0.0 April 26, 2016 Initial Release