Providing support for the API Development Community

Now with the free OANDA REST API you can build applications, or even entire companies, on top of our award winning currency trading platform, fxTrade.

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Build personal trading strategies

Develop trading strategies with OANDA’s REST API. You can perform trading actions such as submit market or limit orders, create stop-loss and take-profit orders, access account transaction history and more. Get your personal access token and start making requests to our API.

Build applications on top of our trading platform

Tell us more and request information about our Partnership Program. Partners or anybody who wishes to use OANDA’s REST API for purposes other than for personal trading should get in touch with us.

MT4 fxLabs (Beta)

The MT4-fxLabs project brings the power of OANDA Forex Labs to MT4. You can either use one of several pre-existing custom indicators/scripts in your MT4 client, or you can create your own using the MQL4 API for fxLabs.

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