Which API should I use?

  • Use v20 REST API only if you have a v20 account
  • Use v1 REST API if your account id contains only digits (ie. 2534253) as it is a legacy account

Getting Started

The OANDA v20 REST API provides programmatic access to OANDA’s next generation v20 trading engine. To use this API you must have a v20 trading account, which is available to all divisions except Japan.

  1. Get an OANDA v20 fxTrade account - Try a free demo account or open a live account

  2. Get REST API access - Log in to the Account Management Portal (AMP) on fxTrade and select “Manage API Access” under “My Services”. Generate your personal access token immediately after you agree to the API license. This token is valid for both the legacy OANDA API and the OANDA v20 API.

  3. Ready for automated trading - Start making requests to OANDA’s fxTrade platform with your personal access token. Click here to learn about modifying your configurations to generate curl examples that can be copied without further modification.

What can I do with the OANDA REST-v20 API?

Market Data

  • Get real-time rates for all tradeable pairs 24 hours a day
  • Access historical pricing information dating back to 2005


  • Place, modify, close orders
  • Manage your account settings
  • Access your account/trading history

How do I start?

  1. Read the Development Guide
  2. Try some Sample Code
  3. Email us at api@oanda.com with any questions or go to Troubleshooting & Errors