Package com.oanda.fxtrade.api

Interface Summary
Account An Account object represents an existing Oanda account.
CandlePoint CandlePoint class is a container for candle information.
EntryOrder EntryOrder is an abstract base class extending class Order to include expiry and desired execution price information.
FXAccountEventInfo An FXAccountEventInfo object encapsulates a new transaction received from the FXServer.
FXClient An FXClient object facilitates communication with OANDA's servers.
FXEventInfo Interface for data passed to an FXEvent
FXEventManager The FXEventManager class keeps track of a set of FXEvents of a particular type, handling their registration, notification, and unregistration.
FXHistoryPoint A useful container class that holds FXTick objects representing the opening, closing, minimum and maximum bid and ask prices.
FXPair FXPair object represents a pair of ISO currency symbols.
FXRateEventInfo An FXRateEventInfo object encapsulates a new market rate received from the server.
FXTick An FXTick object represents a single forex spot price.
LimitOrder A LimitOrder is a spot order that is executed when the target price is met.
MarketOrder A MarketOrder is used to create a spot trade.
MinMaxPoint MinMaxPoint class is a container for min/max graph information.
Order Order is an abstract base class encapsulating the basic components of an OANDA forex order.
Position A Position represents an aggregation of several open market orders
RateTable The RateTable object holds all incoming rate information.
StopLossOrder A StopLossOrder will close a MarketOrder when the designated market rate is reached.
TakeProfitOrder A TakeProfitOrder will close a MarketOrder when the designated market rate is reached.
TrailingStop This interface represents a trailing stop loss (TS) for a MarketOrder (trade)
Transaction The Transaction object contains all information related to transactions occurring on OANDA's servers.
User Provides access to user information.

Class Summary
API API is a factory class with static methods for creation of different class instances used to utilise OANDA fxTrade API.
FXAccountEvent The FXAccountEvent class is the abstract superclass of all events which will be fired in response to a new transaction done on an account.
FXEvent FXEvent is the abstract superclass of all events.
FXEventKey FXEventKey is an internal class used to match FXEvents to FXEventInfos in a general fashion
FXRateEvent The FXRateEvent class is the abstract superclass of all events which will be fired in response to a change in current market rates.
Trace A simple tool to control debug output

Enum Summary
CacheMode Defines caching policies that can be requested when making calls that might return cached data.

Exception Summary
AccountBusyException AccountBusyException is thrown if a command cannot be executed because the account is busy
AccountException AccountException is the base exception thrown by any Account object function
FIFOException FIFOException is throw when a trade cannot be close because it violate the FIFO Rule
FXPairException FXPairException is throw when using/creating an invalid currency pair
InvalidExpiryException InvalidDurationException is throw by setting an invalid entry order duration.
InvalidOrderException InvalidOrderException is thrown if a non-existent order is modified or closed
InvalidPasswordException An InvalidPasswordException is thrown if the password provided at login is invalid.
InvalidPriceException InvalidPriceException is throw by setting an invalid execution price.
InvalidUserException An InvalidUserException is thrown if the username provided at login does not exist.
NSFException NSFException is thrown if an insufficient balance exists to complete an account function
OAException OAException is the base exception class.
RateHistoryModelException A RateHistoryModelException is thrown when rate information is not available from the server
SessionDisconnectedException A SessionDisconnectedException is thrown if the tcp/ssl connection is interrupted.
SessionErrorException A SessionErrorException is thrown if an unknown error occurs.
SessionException A SessionException is throw by any object in a session context.
SessionInvalidException A SessionInvalidException is thrown if open SSO token is invalid or has expired.
SessionTimeoutException A SessionTimeoutException is thrown if server communication exceeds the timeout threshold.
UserException UserException is the base exception thrown by any User object function
UserLockedException A UserLockedException is thrown if two many login attempts occur.

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