Use the Currencies endpoint to get a list of valid three-character currency codes for use in the Rates endpoints.

GET /v2/currencies.:output_format[?data_set=:data_set]


The :output_format URL part determines how information is returned. It can be one of the following values:

  • json – Javascript Object Notation
    • All real numbers in JSON responses are returned as strings to prevent JSON parsers from damaging the precision of the quotes.
  • xml – Well-formed XML document
  • csv – Comma Separated Values
    • Can be imported into most spreadsheet and financial applications
    • Note that CSV format provides standard Unix-like line endings (Unix, Linux, *BSD, MacOS > 9 among others) via an LF character (hex: 0x0A; dec: 10)
    • Due to the limitations of this format, only quotes will be returned, and metadata will be excluded from the output


The data_set parameter is optional and determines which type of rates to retrieve currencies for. The endpoint defaults to returning OANDA currencies if not specified. The following data_set values are supported:

  • OANDA – Rates obtained and aggregated by OANDA Corporation
  • EUCB – European Central Bank rates
  • AECB – The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates
  • ALCB – Bank of Albania rates
  • AUCB – Reserve Bank of Australia rates
  • BGCB – Bulgarian National Bank rates
  • BRCB – Banco Central do Brasil rates
  • CACB – Bank of Canada rates
  • CNCB – People’s Bank of China
  • COCB – Central Bank of Colombia
  • CZCB – Czech National Bank rates
  • DKCB – Danmarks Nationalbank rates
  • GBCB – United Kingdom
  • GHCB – Bank of Ghana rates
  • GYCB – Bank Of Guyana rates
  • HKCB – Treasury Market Association, Hong Kong rates
  • HRCB – Croatian National Bank rates
  • HUCB – Hungarian National Bank rates
  • IDCB – Bank of Indonesia rates
  • INCB – Reserve Bank of India rates
  • ISCB – Central Bank of Iceland rates
  • MNCB – Central Bank of Mongolia
  • MXCB – Banco de Mexico rates
  • MYCB – Bank Negara Malaysia rates
  • NOCB – Norges Bank rates
  • PKCB – State Bank of Pakistan rates
  • PLCB – Narodowy Bank Polski rates
  • RSCB – National Bank of Serbia rates
  • VECB-DICOM – The Banco Central de Venezuela rates
  • VNCB – The State Bank of Vietnam rates
  • ZWCB – Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe rates

NOTE: Access to Central Bank rates may require an account upgrade. contact our Customer Experience Team at to confirm your subscription details.


NOTE: All examples omit authentication, though they do require it.



GET /v2/currencies.json

Response headers & body:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
   "currencies" : [
         "code" : "ADF",
         "description" : "Andorran Franc"
         "code" : "ADP",
         "description" : "Andorran Peseta"



GET /v2/currencies.xml

Response headers & body:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/xml
      <description>Andorran Franc</description>
      <description>Andorran Peseta</description>



GET /v2/currencies.csv

Response headers & body:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: text/plain
ADF,"Andorran Franc"
ADP,"Andorran Peseta"

Response Fields

currencies – (JSON | XML) The container for all currencies

currency – (CSV) The currency code

code – (JSON | XML) The currency code

description – (ALL) A description of the currency code