Getting Started

Note: The REST API only has access to Legacy accounts. To access v20 accounts please use the v20 REST API.

  1. Get an OANDA fxTrade account You need an fxTrade or fxTrade Practice account to use the OANDA API. Try a free demo account or open a live account

  2. Get REST API access Log in to the Account Management Portal (AMP) on fxTrade and select “Manage API Access” under “Other Actions”. Generate your personal access token immediately after you agree to the API license

  3. Ready for automated trading Start making requests to OANDA’s fxTrade platform with your personal access token

What can I do with the OANDA REST API?

We developed our API on top of our award winning currency trading platform, fxTrade.

Market Data

Get real-time currency rates on over 90 currency pairs. Monitor the forex market for changes in real-time, 24 hours a day. You will have access to historical currency rates, dating back over 10 years.


Place trades and orders with our trading API. You can fetch account activites, balance, trades and orders.

How do I start?

  1. Read the Development Guide
  2. Try some Sample Code
  3. Email us at with any questions